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Important Personal Update: Please read as this may affect your future appointment



Dear Salon Guests,

I trust this message finds you well. I am reaching out to share with you some personal developments that may potentially affect our scheduled appointments.

Recently, my precious grandmother received a terminal cancer diagnosis and her health has unfortunately deteriorated significantly in a very short amount of time. I received an urgent call Monday evening from family back home in South Carolina, informing me that I needed to come home as soon as I could if I was to see her before she passed. Therefore, I immediately boarded the first available flight on Tuesday morning to see her and join in providing her with the necessary care.

Regrettably, her condition has further declined, and we are left with no other option but to take things one day at a time. My current plan is to return to Kansas City next week, but this is subject to change given the unpredictability of the situation.

In the event of my sweet grandmother's passing, if I am in Kansas City, I will have to travel back to South Carolina on short notice for her funeral rites. I am hoping to preempt any inconveniences this may cause you by sharing this information now. While I will strive to communicate any changes to your appointments promptly and ensure minimal disruption, please understand that certain aspects might be beyond my control due to the circumstances.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and grace at this difficult time. Your support allows me to be present with my family during this significant transition in our lives.

My grandmother has had a profound influence on my life and words cannot adequately convey her importance to me. This will undoubtedly be a challenging phase for me, and I am grateful for your compassion and continual support.

I will send further updates on the situation as needed .

Thank you so much for your understanding.





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