• Chelsea Renee

It's Finally time to get your hair done. What to expect.

The day is quickly approaching! We have waited for what feels like a year for this!

Tentatively, we are able to open May 18th but this date depends on the increase in COVID-19 cases in Johnson County. If they are not rising we will be opening online booking soon. We will update you all with the most current information as SOON as we get it.

Now, we need to have a quick chat about what appointments will look like to keep everyone happy, healthy and safe.

  1. Masks will be required for everyone: Guests and Stylists. You may bring your own or one will be provided for you at the cost $1.00. ( Masks must be 3ply with ear loops for accommodate hair services.)

  2. Please text the salon phone when you arrive to let us know you are ready. They number is (913)735-4881. Please remain in your car and wait for your stylist to call you. DO NOT text Chelsea's personal phone. This will be off during business hours. To streamline communication the salon phone is the only number in use.

  3. We will call you once the salon is properly sanitized and we are ready to receive you.

  4. Leave all personal items in your vehicle besides a form of payment.

  5. Upon arrival, we will use a touch-less thermometer to check your temperature before you come in.

  6. When inside the salon you will sanitize your hands and sign a liability waiver

  7. Our beverage services are suspended for the time being so bring a cup with a lid that seals if you would like a beverage during your appointment.

  8. Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Currently, We are only able to see one guest at a time and no one is permitted to wait in the lobby area.

  9. Finally, IF YOU ARE AN EXTENSION CLIENT Please arrive with clean, dry extensions. We will not be able to perform a reinstallation with extensions that have not been washed prior to entering the salon.

Please respect our time and service by arriving 10 minutes early to your appointment. This ensures that we are able to keep a tight schedule and accommodate everyone in a timely manner.

We love you all and cannot wait to serve you again soon! Who cant wait for a scalp massage?

Much love and Big Hugs,

Chelsea and the team at Lather and Lash

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