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Gray's Got you down? Sister, I've got you!

With the shelter in place order extending, I am SO excited to bring you some good news!

In case you missed it, Here's the skinny on the at home root touch-up kit process:

Step 1: Email me at Chelsea@bychelsearenee.com to grab a time for a short, free digital consultation. (Don't skip this step! Box dye, poorly mixed professional color, or online color companies could end up costing you $$$ in color correction fees.)

Step 2: I will ship a perfect formulation straight to your door. I'll order the color immediately following our consultation and it will be on your doorstep within five-seven business days.

Step 3: Watch the training video I'll email straight to your inbox so you'll know just how to touch-up those grays without destroying your highlights or ending up with neon orange roots.

Step 4: Send me an after picture so we can celebrate! Ready to get started? Email me now!

FAQ about custom touch-up kits:

1. How long will this last? - This is permanent color so it will last for up to six weeks when you can get back into the salon to see me.

2. Will this cause me to need a color correction? - Box color likely will, yes, but my root touch-up kit is custom-formulated to ensure you won't destroy everything we've worked towards.

3. Can I refer a friend who has roots that need your help? - Absolutely!! I would love to help your friend, neighbor, kids' teacher, or anybody else in need. Send them my way and you'll get a $15 credit to be used at your next appointment!

Much Love and Big Hugs!


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