Hi, I'm Chelsea

When I became a hairstylist I thought it was because I enjoyed creating beautiful hair, but I quickly realized the most important thing I would be doing is creating connection. I believe that the bond between a guest and a stylist can be one of the most meaningful relationships we experience. Connection creates trust, trust creates openness, and openness can lead to creating some really beautiful hair! I love seeing the confidence that is created and fostered in my guests by something as simple as a hair appointment.

Education is my passion!  In an ever-changing industry I value challenging myself and my staff to stay current in the latest techniques and ideas. From extensions to color placement and everything else in between, if there is a class I can glean from, I’m always ready to dive in. On the other side of that coin, I love to teach! Whether it’s helping my guests learn how to overcome styling challenges, or teaching new stylists in our associate program, I absolutely love helping people arrive at the “ah-ha” moment.  (Fun Fact: Although I was TERRIBLE at math and science in school, I’m a closet science nerd now. I absolutely geek out at the science behind hair color and what happens with the chemistry of the color when it interacts with the hair. Let me tell you, there is so much to think through scientifically to formulate the perfect color and application for you.)

I’m originally from the upstate of South Carolina. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree I relocated to Kansas City, where I attended Paul Mitchel the School in Overland Park. While I miss the mountains and the beach every day, Kansas City has become home. I met my husband, Chris, here (thanks Match.com) and together we own three businesses. My life is wildly different than anything that I imagined for myself but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have worked hard to create an atmosphere at my salon, Lather and Lash that you can truly let go and relax. I know your day is busy and it’s important to me to honor and protect the hour or so that you take for yourself. My current guests love that I am always thinking about their next five appointments to formulate specific game plans for their look. I love to have options for you that will create change but also protect the integrity of your hair. When you sit in my chair and say, “I don’t know what to do this time,” rest assured I will have multiple things that we can shift to that will work with your lifestyle. Part of creating the perfect game plan for your look is listening. I ask a lot of questions because it’s important to me that you feel heard and that I not only listen, but understand.

So if you’re ready for relaxation, connection, and some really great hair I’d love to have you in my chair!


Click the link below to access my schedule and find a time that works with your schedule. I’d love to meet you!


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